Makur Jain Portfolio

Over the past 12 years, I’ve worked with web-based learning technologies at the University of Iowa and through independent study. This portfolio provides a look at my work over that timeframe from present to past.

Web Design and Coding

My current job requires some work with HTML and other web development languages. So, I am currently expanding my skillset to include a foundation in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web development tools using online learning and textbook learning. I’ve setup an HTML page as a workspace for applying what I’m learning.

Online Learning

I’m currently taking a series of online web developer training courses offered by Harvard. [More…]

Textbook Learning

I’m currently working with a series of textbooks on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery. [More…]

WordPress and Drupal

In addition to my experience using various specialized content management systems like D2L, Canvas, Wiki, and PressBooks, I’ve worked with WordPress and more recently Drupal. This portfolio website is running on WordPress (hosted by DreamHost) with the Divi design framework. I have a Drupal website (hosted by SiteGround) called that I use as a test site to learn more about that platform. Another example of a WordPress site I worked on within the College of Public Health is below.

HTML Content Pages


As I study HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web coding languages, I have HTML content pages for testing and learning. Those are in a subfolder outside of the WordPress installation. I primarily use Visual Studio Code and for editing, and FileZilla for FTP.

Enterprise Instructional Technology

I’m currently working with the Office of Teaching, Learning and Technology managing campus-wide learning systems. In that capacity I’ve been working with Atlassian Confluence Wiki CMS, Canvas LMS, Drupal, MySQL, Pressbooks (WordPress), and XML. This has fueled my interest in learning more about web coding. 

Visual Basic

From 2013 to 2016, while supporting multiple departments at the University of Iowa, I worked with VBScript to automate network services configurations such as printer usage and and other user and machine-based customizations.

Interactive Learning Tools

In 2007, I created various learning modules using Object Mover and Hot Potatoes as part of a multimedia development program offered through Foreign Language Acquisition Research and Education.

ObjectMover is a platform for creating interactive learning tools. I created several language and cultural training modules and used them as an instructor [More…]



Hot Potatoes is a Java-based development platform for creating learning lessons for study and quizzes. I created several learning modules using Hot Potatoes as part of a multimedia development course. [More…]


In 2007, for coding websites in HTML, I was using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX (before it was purchased by Adobe). The sites I designed were for course assignments and included learning lessons and links to various resources.